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Personally,I'd like to thank my friend Jose-Ramiro for uploading my birthday request (which had the Shadow Dragons from Dragon Ball GT).Thus I am creating a list of requests for him to draw and upload;however I am only going to make one request for Jose-Ramiro at a time.Here are the requests:

1. SSJ4 Goku beats Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon to a pulp for teasing the Cutie Mark Crusaders and turning Babs Seed into a bully (when,in reality,they were only apologizing to the Crusaders for bullying them).(x)
2. Boxing match between Tien and Nuova Shenron (both characters are voiced by John Burgmeier).()
3. Boxing match between Android 16 and Goku.()
4. Eating contest between SSJ4 Goku and Kirby. ()
5. Omega Shenron is affected by Discord's spell (meaning his personality switches from cruel and merciless to remorseful and sad.) (x)
6. Boxing match between Baby (from Dragon Ball GT) and Hatchiyack (both characters are Tuffles who hate the Saiyans.) ()
7. Birthday request for Alexander1999 (my brother) featuring the Powerpuff Girls. (x)
8. The Powerpuff Girls face off against Omega Shenron.()
9. Yakko,Wakko,and Dot mess around with Omega Shenron while SSJ4 Goku and SSJ4 Vegeta laugh at him.()
10. Pinkie Pie meets Yuya Sakaki from Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V. ()
11. Babs Seed talking to Dr.Arnold about her problems with bullying.()
12. Sweetie Belle and Babs Seed cosplaying as Goku and Vegeta (since Claire Corlett,the voice of Sweetie Belle,is the daughter of Ian James Corlett,who voiced Goku in the Ocean Dub of DBZ,and Brynna Drummond,the voice of Babs Seed,is the daughter of Brian Drummond,who also voiced Vegeta in the Ocean Dub of DBZ.)()
13. Boxing match between Android 17 and Android 13 (both voiced by Chuck Huber).()
14. Goku reuniting with his brother Raditz and apologizing for denouncing him as a brother and thinking that Saiyans were cruel and merciless.Raditz forgives him and also apologizes for kidnapping Gohan.()
15. Omi from Xiaolin Showdown,Timmy Turner from Fairly Odd Parents,Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls,and Raven from Teen Titans engage in a waffle eating contest while Twilight Sparkle (alicorn) says "Evil,beware.We have waffles."()
16. Paradox (from Yugioh Bonds Beyond Time) being harassed by some of Pegasus's Toon Monsters while Yugi,Jaden,and Yusei laugh at the sight of it. ()
17. Chase Young (from Xiaolin Showdown) and Goku fighting using their martial art skills. ()
18. Danny Phantom vs Eis Shenron (Both characters use their ice powers in battle). ()
19. Prince Zuko and Nuova Shenron get into an argument over whose fire manipulating powers were stronger. ()
20. Kid Goku (Dragon Ball GT Version) meets his mother Gine and his father Bardock. ()
21. Paradox (from Yugioh Bonds Beyond Time) swaps outfits with Goku from Dragon Ball Z (both are voiced by Sean Schemmel).()
22. King Piccolo (from Dragon Ball) meets Nuova Shenron.()
23. Sword Kirby vs Future Trunks from Dragon Ball Z. ()
24. Danny Phantom capturing Wuya from Xiaolin Showdown (ghost form) in the Fenton Thermos. ()
25. Raimundo Pedrosa from Xiaolin Showdown facing the Scyphozoa from Code Lyoko. ()
26. Fluttershy scolding Haze Shenron from Dragon Ball GT for polluting the environment and poisoning the wildlife. ()
27. Dr Arnold therapy session featuring Hector Con Carne from Grim and Evil. ()
28. Kimiko from Xiaolin Showdown swaps outfits with Azula from Avatar the Last Airbender. ()
29. The Mane Six Ponies vs William Dunbar (XANAfied Lyoko Form) from Code Lyoko. ()
30. Jack Spicer finally snaps at Wuya (ghost form) and starts ranting about how tired he is of being yelled at by her over constantly losing to the Xiaolin Warriors. ()
31. Batduck and Decoy climbing up a building when they realize it had been frozen by Eis Shenron from Dragon Ball GT. ()
32. Vicky from Fairly Odd Parents is arrested by Princess Celestia for constantly abusing and torturing Timmy Turner. ()
33. Boxing match between Syn Shenron and Bojack (from the DBZ movie Bojack Unbound.) ()
34. Boxing match between Dan Kuso and Spectra Phantom. ()
35. Mentors and Pupils - Omi from Xiaolin Showdown and Goku from Dragon Ball Z. ()
36. Gilda the Griffon tries to apologize to Fluttershy for being a bully,but she doesn't accept her apology and gets very angry with her. ()
37. Boxing match between SSJ4 Goku and Pan. ()
38. Yami Bakura dueling against Jack Atlas from Yugioh 5Ds. ()
39. Seto Kaiba dueling against Bastian Misawa from Yugioh GX. ()
40. Lord Tirek vs Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta. ()
41. Princess Luna punishes the Flim Flam Brothers for scamming other ponies by turning them into animals (Flim into a hedgehog and Flam into a rat). ()
42. Yusei Fudo,Jaden Yuki,and Yami Yugi as ponies (Yami Yugi is an alicorn since he is an Egyptian pharaoh and his cutie mark is the back of a Duel Monsters card with the Millennium Puzzle on it.Jaden and Yusei are Pegasi; Jaden's cutie mark is the back of a Duel Monsters card with a super hero cape since he uses an Elemental Hero deck,and Yusei's cutie mark is the Mark of the Crimson Dragon.) ()
43. Boxing match - Aelita vs XANAfied William (in their Season 4 Lyoko uniforms) ()
44. Superhero Exchange - Danny Phantom vs the major enemies of the Powerpuff Girls; Blossom,Bubbles,and Buttercup facing off against Danny's major enemies. ()
45. Ozzy and Drix (from the movie Osmosis Jones and their titular cartoon series) meet Joy,Fear,Disgust,Anger,and Sadness (Riley's emotions) from the movie Inside Out. ()
46. Characters voiced by Kathleen Barr - Trixie and Queen Chrysalis from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic,Lila Test and Janet Nelson Jr from Johnny Test,and Kevin and Marie Kanker from Ed,Edd,N Eddy. ()
47. Characters voiced by Samuel Vincent - Russell Ferguson and Fisher Biskit from Littlest Pet Shop,Martin Mystery from his titular series,Flim from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic,Double D from Ed,Edd,N Eddy,and Krypto from Krypto the Superdog. ()
48. Blythe Baxter (from Littlest Pet Shop) introduces Ma-Ti (from Captain Planet and the Planeteers) to the pets from the Littlest Pet Shop. ()
49. Verminous Skumm (One of the Eco-Villains from Captain Planet and the Planeteers) is being attacked by a giant python (as most species of snakes in the world eat rodents like rats).Captain Planet and the Planeteers can't decide whether to let the snake eat him or to save him from being eaten. ()
50. Mojo Jojo versus a Great Ape from Dragon Ball Z. ()
51. Pan from Dragon Ball GT meets Lord Beerus from Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods. ()
52. Captain Pollution (the evil counterpart of Captain Planet from Captain Planet and the Planeteers) flattened by Bancy Mouse. ()
53. Sunil Nevla and Vinnie Terrio are frightened by the appearance of WereGarurumon (Gabumon's ultimate form). ()
54. Myotismon and Vlad Plasmius arguing over who was the better vampire villain while The Count (from the What A Cartoon! short Mina and the Count) just stands there and watches. ()
55. Lilymon (Palmon's ultimate form) vs Undergrowth (from Danny Phantom). ()
56. Princess Luna vs Nocturne (from Danny Phantom). ()
57. Zane Truesdale (from Yu-Gi-Oh GX,)(in his wheelchair) talks to Dr.Arnold about the problems he had since his graduation: His loss to Aster Phoenix,his losing streak in the Pro Leagues,the Underground Duel against Mad Dog that caused his change in personality,and his heart condition caused by the Underworld deck. (x)
58. Jaden Yuki talking to Dr.Arnold about his trauma from being possessed by the Supreme King (and the various crimes he had committed against so many innocent people during that time). ()
59. The Supreme King (Jaden Yuki's dark counterpart) vs. Pariah Dark (from Danny Phantom). ()
60. Zane Truesdale ranting about Toon Cyber Dragon. ()

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